How is a chihuahua


The chihuahua is a popular dog and, like any dog ​​breed, has a definite personality, which differentiates them from other dogs.

Chihuahuas are surprisingly brave and their staff>

Chihuahua personality

It is not only because of its size that the Chihuahua is so attractive. These little dogs are loved for their following characteristics:

  • Sweet. Chihuahuas can be soft, lovely, sweet and adorable.
  • Loyal. Chihuahuas can be dedicated to their owners. They are loving and affectionate and are not afraid to defend their territory.
  • Guard dogs. Despite their tiny size, Chihuahuas are very good watchdogs and will verbally warn you about strange noises or intruders.
  • Alert. Chihuahuas are fast, agile and very awake.
  • Little brave dogs. Do not let the size of a Chihuahua fool you, they have a big heart and personality tucked into a small frame.
  • Kissers. One of the most endearing traits of Chihuahuas is that he likes to kiss the person he loves. Two Chihuahuas alone lick, clean and groom each other.
  • Animators. Chihuahuas are fun, cheerful and funny.
  • Peculiar and eccentric. Chihuahuas tend to take themselves very seriously. Each dog has a unique character due to the inherent intelligence of the breed and some are "rare."
  • They love to curl up. Chihuahuas love to hide in blankets and like to curl up.
  • They like the company. Chihuahuas are small companion dogs and they will go with you everywhere.
  • Easy to transport. It is easy to put a chihuahua in a bag and he will be happy to rummage until he feels comfortable.

Not so cute features of Chihuahuas

Each dog has its negative side and the chihuahua is no exception.

  • Health problems. All purebred dogs are prone to health problems and the Chihuahua has its fair share. Some problems are directly related to its size, such as the low amount of blood sugar. The metabolism of uncChihuahua is high and quickly burn energy. Dehydration is another risk factor, as well as respiratory problems. They don't do well in extreme heat or cold. They tend to gasp and snore. Having said all this, Chihuahuas can live a long and healthy life of up to 15 years or more. Not bad for a little puppy.
  • Can be nervous and agile. Depending on how you raise it, a Chihuahua can be nasty if he is allowed to be the singing voice.
  • Not good with other dogs. Chihuahuas prefer their own species and generally do not do well with other breeds of dogs or cats.
  • It can be strong and territorial. Chihuahuas do not like to share. This makes them perfect as one-person pets, but they are not very suitable as a family dog.

Chihuahuas may be among the most characteristic of dogs. All these wonderful and varied features assure you that you will get a lot in such a small puppy.

Physical appearance

As we have already mentioned, it is a little dog, compact and fast moving. Their measurements up to the cross vary between 15 and 25 centimeters although some can reach 30. In addition, they usually weigh between 1.5 and 4 kg. These measures may vary when we find the two types of Chihuahua dog that differ basically in size and in some physical aspects:

  • The apple head chihuahua: It is the most common, its head has as its name indicates, a form similar to that of an apple that gives it a sweet and careful appearance. It has two large and separate ears, almost always in a straight position. In contrast to a large head and bulging eyes, its body is small and thin. At the end of his body we find a small tail that turns on the back.
  • Deer head chihuahua: It's something bigger than the previous chihuahua. The shape of the head is more elongated and in some cases reminiscent of that of a small deer. They are somewhat taller and more stylized although they also show a delicate and sweet appearance that will make us fall in love.

In addition to the physical characteristics we are also faced with two different types of fur:

Chihuahua can be of infinite colors such as white, brown, black, chocolate, cream. In addition to being tricolor, with lines and mottled.

Chihuahua character

Chihuahua has no definite personality typical of the breed and it is that depending on their education we can talk about a loving and tender dog or a somewhat malicious and cunning breed. It is a very intelligent and observant dog who likes to get away with it. It is a very brave and devout dog despite its small size. He is very devoted to the family and is always alert and restless, vigilant against any intruder.

Sometimes they can show jealous attitudes towards the relationships of those who consider their owners although it is usually an easy problem to deal with. The chihuahua seems not to be aware of its small size and can face large people or dogs just to defend those it wants.


The chihuahua will show devotion, in general, to the person who takes care of him on a daily basis and that is that it is a very affectionate dog that will ask you for attention throughout the day. In general it is usually distrustful of strangers, it is a territorial dog and possessive of its owners, but it does not usually show arisque or violent attitudes. It is a curious dog that will easily accept affection and care.

The chihuahua dog does not always accept the company of other pets although usually usually lives beautifully with dogs of the same breed or size To encourage a sociable dog we must start the game with other pets since this is a puppy, although it does not matter if we start late their education, with patience we can achieve great goals.

It is a dog that adapts perfectly to urban life and is that it will not have problems in living in a small apartment. Even so, the chihuahua is very restless and nervous, we will have to take him for a walk at least twice a day to exercise as well as play with him inside the home.

Usually, and especially those with short hair, they are cold sensitive Due to its small size. You can buy him clothes of his size to shelter him in winter, especially if he lives in a cold environment.

Do not spoil him in excess, the chihuahua is a very smart dog that will not hesitate to become fragile, capricious or extremely nervous if we give in to all his requests.

Finally we add that the chihuahua is a dog that has tendency to obesityFor that reason it is important that we know the type of diet that this pet requires to prevent future diseases or problems.

It is a long-lived dog because they can live up to 18 years or more if they are kept healthy and fit. Anyway there are a number of diseases that can affect you throughout your life, we will detail the most common:

  • Palate match
  • Epilepsy
  • Herniated Disc
  • Secondary glaucoma
  • Dislocation
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Hemophilia A
  • Heart problems

It requires a regular veterinarian who is knowledgeable about your needs as a pet, for that reason we recommend you take it with a certain regularity and follow your vaccination schedule.

In the brain we find the fontanelles, a soft spot they have in the skull and it is born with this incomplete, which is formed during its growth. It is also important that you keep track of your eyes to avoid eye infections.

Chihuahua Education

The basis of the education of a healthy and social Chihuahua begins by socializing them from an early age with both people and other pets. It is very important that you follow this advice to avoid an antisocial dog, with improper and sullen behavior. You must learn to live in harmony with animals, children and adults. That will help you enjoy the beach, the mountains and leave it with the children without any worries.

Remember that for a dog to be calm and have a good behavior, the people in your home must foster this climate of harmony and mental well-being that every living being needs.

It is important that you decide the moments of food, walk or sleep, the Chihuahua is a smart dog that will try to receive endless prizes and attention. Set limits and reward him only when he deserves it and has proper behavior.

Personality and coexistence

They are excellent companion dogs. They like to pay attention to them and are loyal to their owners. They are very active dogs and like to be busy.

Although Chihuahuas are good family pets when treated respectfully, they are reputed to try to bite strangers or young children that can be a threat to their tiny size.

Like many small dogs, they may be more prone to barking than some large dogs. They can also try to dominate their owners and are somewhat temperamental.

Although its origin is unknown, this dog is named after the Mexican State of Chihuahua, where it was discovered around 1850. Some experts believe it was the Aztecs or the Incas who developed this dog, others believe that the breed may be descendant of Spanish dogs of no less than the sixteenth century. There are also those who believe that the Central American Indians perhaps used the Chihuahuas as food, while others think they had an important religious significance. The first Chihuahuas could have been introduced in the United States at the beginning of the 19th century. The presentation of the chihuahua to the public has occurred in unusual ways. Opera singer Adelina Patti unveiled the breed in 1890 when she was given a hidden Chihuahua in a bouquet that the president of Mexico gave her. In the 1940s, the conductor Xavier Cugat was known to lead with a Chihuahua under his arm. Recently it has increased the recognition and appreciation of this breed thanks to the elegant Chihuahua that appears in the advertisements of the Taco Bell restaurant.

Chihuahua dog breed data sheet

Height between 15 and 22 cm in males and females
Weight between 1.5 and 3 kg in males and females

Short, fine and soft hair. Black, white, brown, cream or stained

Brave, cheerful, fun and playful character
Strong health although delicate with temperature changes
Estimated life expectancy between 13 and 20 years

How is the character of a Chihuahua breed dog?

Chihuahua breed dogs are excellent as life partners, they adapt perfectly to all kinds of environments, from small apartments to large houses. From small families to families with children, they are a delight.

He character del Chihuahua is highly affectionate and cheerful, very attached to his family and an excellent playmate for children. Although due to its size we must notify our children about how care they should be.

This breed is very attentive, especially in the presence of strangers. Too She is very brave and willing, nobody will enter our home without the barking of our Chihuahua betray him.

On the other hand, the Chihuahua dog is somewhat nervous and sometimes it can bark excessively, so we must educate it from a puppy so that it does not bark much. If we humanize it, it can acquire a jealous character, so it should be remembered that it is a dog.

Characteristics of the Chihuahua breed dog

It is one of the breeds of dogs that do not grow much, being the adult specimens quite small compared to other types of dogs. The Chihuahua can reach a height at the cross of about twenty centimeters with about two kilos of weight in adulthood.

The main feature of this breed is its reduced size and weight, which give it unusual qualities in dogs such as a low maintenance price or the low need to walk it or exercise it.

  • Eyes: Rounded but a little torn, usually dark in color and very bright. With a tender and observant look at par.
  • Ears: Large and separate, always ergu>Snout: The snout of the Chihuahua is rather short and thin, with a small light or dark truffle as a nose. Dogs with black truffles are more in demand.
  • Body: Compact but well defined>Tail: Medium size and fine constitution, with or without hair depending on the type of Chihuahua. Slightly curved or tilted to the side.
  • Hair: All colors are supported, from white to brown or black. There are two types of Chihuahuas, those with long hair and those with short hair.

Chihuahuas dogs present these physical characteristics in a very marked way, so if you wonder how to know if a Chihuahua is purebred you should simply check that it meets these specifications.

Types of Chihuahua breed dog and their qualities

If you want to know everything about this breed you must start learning to differentiate the different types of Chihuahua dogs that exist. Do not be fooled by the false breeders of Chihuahua They have passed generation by selecting the smallest specimens for breeding.

Chihuahua toys or pocket Chihuahuas are not purebred dogs, nor are they even accepted as Chihuahua dogs. They are dogs manipulated and selected to obtain a size smaller than the average of the Chihuahua, so they are not actually considered breed dogs.

There are only two types of official Chihuahua dogs, the Apple-headed Chihuahua and the Deer-headed Chihuahua. Within these types, they can be long-haired or short-haired.

  • Chihuahua apple head: It receives this name by the shape of its skull, very similar to that of an apple. Apple-headed Chihuahua have a broad forehead in relation to the rest of their head. His skull is wider than his jaw, creating this peculiar shape.
  • Chihuahua deer head: All Chihuahua dogs that are not classified as apple heads automatically become deer heads. The Chihuahua deer head has a bowed forehead and a smaller, elongated head.

Both classes can have long hair or short hair, since that does not influence the purity of the breed. The long-haired Chihuahua is more recommended for cold climates while the short-haired Chihuahua for tropical climates.

Remember that the Hairless Chihuahua also known as a Hairless Chihuahua is not considered as a dog of this breed, since it is a genetic manipulation. The same goes for the Toy or Chihuahuas pocket or mini, are not accepted in the breed.

Recommended care for a Chihuahua dog

We must take special care with Chihuahua puppies, because of their small size. If adults are already small by themselves ... imagine the size of a puppy with just two or three months.

Despite its size, the Chihuahua is a robust and resistant dog that rarely presents health problems. You don't need to take long walks nor is it advisable to exercise it, since it could suffer an attack.

It adapts to any type of floor to live and it will be enough to put the recommended vaccines and brush daily to keep it healthy and clean. As a curiosity, it is a dog that sometimes suffers from toothache, so it is advisable to buy a teether adapted to the size of its jaw.

We must be careful with the feeding of our Chihuahua, we should not give him more quantity than he can digest or we will cause a digestive problem. Your daily ration may seem small, but compared to its size it is more than enough.

In the photos of Chihuahuas that you can see in this publication appear the two existing types, with their different hair size. These images of chihuahuas can help you get an idea of ​​how delicate this breed is, since they are very, very small.