The best about: Hibernation of hamsters


As I mentioned earlier, some hamsters live in areas where cold is abundant, but despite this they don't like low temperatures too much and they are dedicated to hibernate.

Hibernation consists of a lot of drowsiness, a drop in body temperature, and considerable reduction of vital signs.

Although it only happens depending on the temperatures it is in, and the amount of food it has. If you never see your hamster hibernate It can be for two reasons.

The first reason is because both temperatures and food are good and you hamster does not need to hibernate, this usually happens when you are inside the house, in case you were on a terrace the thing could change, when the low temperatures arrive.

The second reason is that, after living so long in captivity many hamsters do not remember how they hibernate, and they don't know how to do it, that could be dangerous because they could do it wrong and they could have a death from hypothermia.

The best way to control the 2 motive is to make your hamster do not need to hibernate, something that is very simple, with having a temperature above 15 degrees and giving enough food the animal will not require hibernation.

What happens if the hamster is hibernating?

Let us think that for some reason we had the hamster in the garage, and without realizing the temperature of the low medium and then the began to hibernate, the problem with this as I said in the previous point is that we do not know if you are doing well or not, The best thing will be to wake him up.

How do we wake a hamster from hibernation?

The best way is to enter the house where it has a stable temperature, rub it gently to give it heat and then offer food and water to recover strength and hydrate. sugar water is also going very well for this.

Little by little the hamster will recover Sometimes it is a process that takes a while, it can take up to three hours to have the strength to walk again, so we have to be patient.

One time your hamster awakens from hibernation They are usually weak, it is advisable for them to give them food with a lot of protein, such as chicken or turkey meat and potatoes, in addition to this you will have to be aware so that the animal don't come back to hibernate.

Sometimes the owners think that your hamster is dead when he's really hibernatingThis is highly important, since there have been cases of people who buried their hamsters when they were only hibernating.

I will put some data to differentiate it.

  • If you look closely you will notice as you Hamster is breathing slowly.
  • The hamster's body will not be hard, or stiff, it will feel cold but not rigid.
  • Your abazones (cheeks, cheeks) will be a little harder than the rest of the body
  • Usually although if you touch it they usually have a minimal reaction.

Even so, if you are not sure you can try to use the technique of hamster dehibition, which we explain above to exhaust all possibilities.

Also the best thing will always be to prevent them from hibernating, for this you have several options, put it next to a heater, give them a blanket so that they can cover themselves and be warmer (that does not generate threads), cover their cage at night with a thick blanket so that the heat of the cage is greater.

We hope that with all these tips you will understand more how it is hamster hibernation, for any question remember that just below you can leave your comments.

When do hamsters hibernate?

Hamster hibernation does not go by time, if not by weather, although of course if you live in an area where the weather is a specific period of time, it is normal for them to always hibernate at that time, but there is really no specific period of time for hibernation.

The hamster hibernates if it is cold, neither more nor less, when the weather begins to change and notice that it happens cold the hamster begins to hibernate.

Do hamsters know how to hibernate?

This is an important question for a simple reason, it is not entirely clear, hamsters when they were wild knew how to hibernate perfectly, but being generations in captivity many do not require this system, and do not remember quite well how to do it, that is why it can be dangerous, they have the notion, but not the ability.

I hope this can solve some doubts regarding the hamsters and their habits of hibernacón, for any doubt here you have the comments.

Why does a hamster hibernate?

First of all you have to clarify one thing, although all hamster breeds have the ability to hibernate,not all of them have to be in a situation that forces them to do so. Hibernation depends on the ambient temperature to which the rodent is exposed, the drought of the land and the lack of food. All these factors can come hand in hand or separately, making hamsters decide to enter hibernation period to reserve strengths for when the good weather returns.

It is normal for rodents to be free who have to be forced to hibernate when winter comes, but it can also happen with domestic hamsters. Whenever a hamster feels very cold, he will decide to hibernate. On the contrary, if we have our hamster in a warm or temperate environment and feed him regularly, it is common that he does not have the need to go into hibernation.

Is it dangerous for our hamster to hibernate?

Domestic hamsters are not usually in need of hibernation, so they don't have that habit and they don't know how to do it. It is therefore dangerous for a domestic hamster to suffer a temperature drop below 15 degrees, since the rodent might not properly hibernate and die of hypothermia. On the other hand, hamsters can hibernate indefinitely until the temperature becomes warm, something that it can become dangerous if you are not used to it. It is best to wake up our pet if we see that it goes into hibernation. Next we will explain how to carry out this process.

How do I stop hibernation?

As we have said, it is very dangerous for a domestic hamster to start hibernating, so it is best to wake him up. For this we will begin to rub it gently as if we were stroking it. This act serves to make our pet's body warm and slowly waking up. In addition, this will re-activate the pet's nerve endings and increase its vital signs.

Gradually our rodent will begin to recover the activity. This process usually lasts around three hours, so we must be watching to see that they begin to move. If necessary, we could feed it ourselves and offer them water directly in the mouth. One trick we can use to make our rodent activate faster is to supply it with sugar water.

In order not to hibernate again, we must have a shelter warmer than the previous one for our pet. You can put a sock or cotton in the cage, so that the hamster creates its own nest where to snuggle and keep warm. Also, the cage can be wrapped in a thermal blanket, which will help keep heat. And finally, the cage can be placed near a heat source, such as a radiator or a fireplace, but then we will have to control that we are not overexposing our rodent at too high a temperature.

What do I do when my hamster is hibernating?

The first thing you have to know is that hamsters do not hibernate for long periods of time, but that wake up every five or six days to eat. This is why you should keep your pet's feeder with fresh food and clean water in the drinking fountain. In addition, you should make sure that the rodent is not getting cold, so the ambient temperature must be greater than 15 degrees.

Once the hamster's body goes into heat it will return to normal. So be patient and check daily if your hamster is still hibernating. If after a few days the temperature has already increased and your pet is not yet awake you can proceed to wake it up by following the steps mentioned above.

How to differentiate hibernation from death?

During the drowsiness process, hamsters re-activate every little more than a week, so we must be attentive to their movements. Also, if you look closely we will notice that your breathing is slow and your body is not so stiff Like that of a corpse. If we are still unable to identify if our pet is still alive, one way to make sure that our hamster is alive is by touching his mustaches and waiting for him to react to rubbing.